July 18th, 2013 – Guess Who’s Back (it’s not slim shady)

Hi hi! The last time I posted was the 3rd, which was 15 days ago. I’m sorry! I have recently been on vacation to Florida to visit family and spend some days on the beach. My dad’s family is in FL, so I’m definitely use to visiting at least once a year when we drive down. Although I do enjoy the fact that the 12 hour drive forces us to have some family time, I can’t say that I necessarily enjoy it. However, I did have a beautiful time and am now happy to say I am back home.

The beach that my family goes to isn’t the most fabulous, but that also means it is practically vacant and it’s a very special feeling to have an empty beach with only the seagulls and waves to keep you company. This year there was a large family staying at the same hotel and stayed on the beach with us, but I honestly didn’t mind. They seemed they were having fun and it’s always nice to be around people who are happy anyway. They also made for good entertainment with their football games and skim boarding. Anyway, I did get an instagram video of the ocean, which you can view by clicking here if you’re interested.

My original plan was to post a short message to you saying I would be away, but unfortunately and very inconveniently, my Internet connection went out 3 days before we left! I live (almost) in the middle of nowhere, so there aren’t many Internet providers that reach to our area. I had also planned on snapping a few outfit photos while I was gone, but that didn’t happen either! We didn’t go out as much as I thought we would, so most of the time I was in a bathing suit or cotton shorts and a tee shirt, neither of which are really blog worthy.

My mom and I did go to a shopping center one day though, and I only bought a couple things from Tilly’s. Tilly’s is a surf/skate shop sort of place, but also has pieces that are more sweet and feminine as well. Everything is super affordable, and the staff always seems especially nice. I bought one tank (which you can buy online here) and a headband that I can’t find on the website, but I’m sure will be featured in an outfit post.

My mom has recently been into documentation, especially in the form of photographs. Most of the time, it doesn’t really bother me, but I like to act like it does (I’M A T33N@G3R, OK). Somehow, between me yelling at her to stop taking photos of me, she captured this, which I actually really enjoy and am glad she managed to snap it.


photo (53)

With the summer soon coming to an end (my school’s start date is August 14th), I am planning on spending the rest of my time as a stress-free child lounging around and catching up on back to school shopping, keeping up with this baby blog, and whatever else my heart desires (to a very small extent..). I’m planning on browsing through some online shops today, so I expect I’ll have a wishlist posted later today or tomorrow.

I hope you’re all well and living a rich life!