Calla: Spring 2014 RTW

Although anything couture is, in my opinion, more fun to look at, ready-to-wear collections are obviously easier to fantasize about wearing. I haven’t ever taken an interest in Calla before, but I found their Instagram account about 6 months ago, and I’ll admit my follow was mostly just for the pictures of Lilybear (the Dog). However, I’ve found that the clothing they post usually have fun prints with colors and lines that are visually pleasing. So when I was browsing around recently, Calla was one of the designers I seemed to gravitate to.

These are some of my favorite looks from Calla’s Spring 2014 RTW collection.

When I see the prints I instantly think Calla. This may be one designer to add to the list of wearable runway. I really like the shapes of the clothing and how the cut of each item fits the women’s bodies. The top left photo was the closing look, which I think was an excellent decision. The contrast of the pattern and colors with the model’s skin is aesthetically pleasing. The top photo, second from the left is also a unique look. Although the outfit isn’t something I would choose to wear.. Are those shorts? It’s difficult to tell from the photo. However, I give Calla props if she can reinvent the skort. The top far right look, although nice and simple, is a little disappointing. It looks a little too Urban Outfitters, and not in a good way.
My least favorite look:

And my favorite look (that I may be a little biased towards because of the swimsuit and the fact that it’s Summer at the moment):


Overall, I enjoyed this collection. The prints and colors are refreshing, and embody what I think of when I see “Spring RTW”.