August 1st, 2013 – Monochrome Style

Hi, hi! I was looking through some of my own fashion videos that I used to put together just for fun and stumbled across this one! Although the quality is bad and some of the shots are really lame, I thought I would upload it to YouTube and post it here for fun and for some public reminiscing. I actually made a YouTube channel to correspond with this blog, so if you have any interest you can go to the channel here and subscribe.  Now, on with the video!


Outfit Information:

“Weeping Chanel” shirt from 2020 Ave. (no longer available)

Velvet Leggings from Kmart

Mia Bedazzle Flats from DSW


The song playing is Creator by Santogold. I definitely recommend checking it out along with her other music! I went through an obsessive phase of Santogold, I must admit!

In other (exciting) news, H&M now has an online shop! I’ve already done a little back to school shopping from Go Jane, which I again highly recommend, and am planning on doing a little styling video of the pieces I ordered. I have about two weeks of summer left and I am definitely planning on getting a little more back to school online shopping done next week, which is just one more reason as to why I’m stoked about the opening of the H&M shop!

Anyway, I hope this post was somewhat enjoyable or something and that all is safe and well with you. Lastly, Happy August! I am welcoming this month with open arms.



June 21st, 2013 – Wishlist

Wishlist 06

  1. “Music To My Ears” shoe from Ruche – $89.99
  2. Lolli Peplum Swimsuit from Urban Outfitters – $100.00
  3. Lolli Bow-Back Swimsuit from Urban Outfitters – $125.00
  4. Simple Babydoll Dress from 2020AVE – $26.00
  5. Two Studs Tote from 2020AVE – $39.00
  6.  Dove Islet Tiered Skirt from Ruche – $44.99