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River Island boyfriend jeans
$67 – riverisland.com

Vintage jewelry

Gold necklace

Cat eye glasses


Calla: Spring 2014 RTW

Although anything couture is, in my opinion, more fun to look at, ready-to-wear collections are obviously easier to fantasize about wearing. I haven’t ever taken an interest in Calla before, but I found their Instagram account about 6 months ago, and I’ll admit my follow was mostly just for the pictures of Lilybear (the Dog). However, I’ve found that the clothing they post usually have fun prints with colors and lines that are visually pleasing. So when I was browsing around style.com recently, Calla was one of the designers I seemed to gravitate to.

These are some of my favorite looks from Calla’s Spring 2014 RTW collection.

When I see the prints I instantly think Calla. This may be one designer to add to the list of wearable runway. I really like the shapes of the clothing and how the cut of each item fits the women’s bodies. The top left photo was the closing look, which I think was an excellent decision. The contrast of the pattern and colors with the model’s skin is aesthetically pleasing. The top photo, second from the left is also a unique look. Although the outfit isn’t something I would choose to wear.. Are those shorts? It’s difficult to tell from the photo. However, I give Calla props if she can reinvent the skort. The top far right look, although nice and simple, is a little disappointing. It looks a little too Urban Outfitters, and not in a good way.
My least favorite look:

And my favorite look (that I may be a little biased towards because of the swimsuit and the fact that it’s Summer at the moment):


Overall, I enjoyed this collection. The prints and colors are refreshing, and embody what I think of when I see “Spring RTW”.

August 1st, 2013 – Monochrome Style

Hi, hi! I was looking through some of my own fashion videos that I used to put together just for fun and stumbled across this one! Although the quality is bad and some of the shots are really lame, I thought I would upload it to YouTube and post it here for fun and for some public reminiscing. I actually made a YouTube channel to correspond with this blog, so if you have any interest you can go to the channel here and subscribe.  Now, on with the video!


Outfit Information:

“Weeping Chanel” shirt from 2020 Ave. (no longer available)

Velvet Leggings from Kmart

Mia Bedazzle Flats from DSW


The song playing is Creator by Santogold. I definitely recommend checking it out along with her other music! I went through an obsessive phase of Santogold, I must admit!

In other (exciting) news, H&M now has an online shop! I’ve already done a little back to school shopping from Go Jane, which I again highly recommend, and am planning on doing a little styling video of the pieces I ordered. I have about two weeks of summer left and I am definitely planning on getting a little more back to school online shopping done next week, which is just one more reason as to why I’m stoked about the opening of the H&M shop!

Anyway, I hope this post was somewhat enjoyable or something and that all is safe and well with you. Lastly, Happy August! I am welcoming this month with open arms.


July 21st, 2013 – Like Billy Madison

“Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool.”

Okay, guys. It seriously pains me to say this, but just like every other year summer will soon be ending and a new school year beginning. Yes, it’s a bummer, but it’s something all of us students have to accept! So why not go back feeling and looking fresh to death? (Wait.. You mean I’m actually not Lupe Fiasco? Okay, fine..) Anyway, I put together a little board of some of my fave backpacks that I’ve seen so far. (You can also check out this rad slide show from Teen Vogue!)

backpacks 2013

1. The Fates By Stolen Girlfriends Club Waves Backpack at Urban Outfitters, $155.00 – Personally, I find this one a little too pricey. However, I do really like the colors and unique design, and if you have the money, go for it! (p.s. on the UO website this is described as “an extra fab school bag”. Nice.)

2. BDG Lightweight Nylon Convertible Backpack at Urban Outfitters, $34.00 – I think this one is quite cute; I love the sweet color and pattern! I also have a backpack from BDG and can say that they are quite nice quality as well!

3. Studded Faux Leather Backpack at Go Jane, $50.60 – I love this! It reminds me of the one I currently use, and the fact that it is black and a leather-like material makes it easy to keep clean! (p.s. I got my back pack from UO last year, and unfortunately they don’t carry it anymore!)

4. Spacer Mini Backpack at Nasty Gal, $140.00 – Again, I personally would not spend that much on a bag. However, it’s nice to drool over! I love this funky little bag! Yes, little. The fact that it’s titled as a “mini” bag would concern me if I were to buy this for school. However, it’s still a cool option, and would be perfect used as more of a purse while out and about on foot or at a music festival!

5. Deena & Ozzy Vegan Leather Studded Square Backpack at Urban Outfitters, $39.00 – This is such a cute one; the color is the perfect shade and the studding detail really brings the backpack to a new level. I don’t know how to explain the way the material looks, but I think it would unfortunately stain easily! But that’s only a concern if you’re messy – like me! (p.s. this one is only described as “a fab school bag”. Ouch, UO!)

6. Watermelon Backpack at Nasty Gal, $60.00 – Sooooo cute! This is the perfect bag to subtly show that you’re still holding onto the summertime! It’s also perfect if you want to match with Ariana Grande (and I mean, who doesn’t want to match with Ariana Grande?). I love this backpack, and the price is almost unbeatable!

Learn in style, kids! Because you aren’t too cool for school. 😉


July 3rd, 2013 – College St

Happy hump day! In my last post I had mentioned that I thought I would do more of a life/catch-up-with-me post soon, so here it is! If you’ve already had a look over this one, you’ll see that yes, I am still going to include some fashion bits, but that’s because a lot of my time is spent thinking and obsessing and going through fashion blogs, photos, etc. Also, I suppose now is the time for me to explain the title of “lunarstyle” and why I chose it. This explanation may be a bit rambly and I’ll probably add unneeded information so if you’re not into that sort of thing, you can skip to where the photos are below and pay attention to that part instead. OK, so! First off, I have a few words that are my favorites (doesn’t everyone?) such as delight, superior, blossom, etc. I had originally attempted to create a URL with the word delight, but everything that I tried and actually liked was already in use and the ones that weren’t already taken I honestly didn’t like that much. Also, I really enjoy the thought of naming a girl Luna (Lovegood?) so that word was in my mind as well. Eventually, thinking of the word luna transpired to lunar in my head. I typed lunarstyle in the box and it was not only available but I was also quite pleased with it. AND LUNARSTYLE WAS BORN!

If you’re still reading after going through that annoyingly long series of events you must really like me or something! Moving on, lunarstyle also has a meaning in my heart as well. Obviously, there are two separate words – lunar style. The “style” part is pretty self explanatory: I enjoy fashion quite a lot and that is what I was hoping this blog to have content about. Lunar, however, describes me almost to a tee. I’m sure you know the moon goes through phases. Personally, I have been trying for 16 years to figure myself out and I’m still struggling…a lot. I go through phase after phase after phase and even when I think I’ve finally settled on something, I feel completely different the next week and move onto the next interest, personality, etc.  Yep, you guessed it! I’m a gemini. Seriously, there are two different people in my body. No, really, I’m serious. I apologize in advance.

With phases comes obsessions, at least for me anyway. If I’m not obsessed with something, I’m either bored or looking for something to obsess over. This isn’t always a good thing; something obsessions can be painful! Wanting something really bad but knowing you can’t have it is hard sometimes, ya know? Like this. Yeah, also this. Oh and definitely him. (Wait.. Are love potions real? I’m only asking out of curiosity…) Obsessions bring the feeling of longing-ness and discontentment and “I’m a TEENAGER okay my life is just HARD” and stuff.

I’ll get to the point. I have recently come across a new obsession (are you surprised?) and it is college! In August I’ll be going into my junior year of high school, which means I’m going to need to start visiting colleges and getting a feel for where I want to go. I’ll go ahead and say now that I hate high school, and when I say hate I mean I loathe high school. I’m okay with that though, and that’s only motivation for me to push through so I can have the time of my life in college. I’ve been spending days online researching different colleges and looking at all of my options. (“Um, you have two more years before college……why are you already looking?” I’ve heard millions of times. My answer to that- Don’t complain to me whenever you’re in a time crunch to research, visit, apply, and choose a college while I’m perfectly prepared and have my college situation under control. Good luck with the stress.) I’m planning on majoring in fashion merchandising in order to start a career as a stylist, and I was a little surprised with how few schools offer that program. I have a list of schools I’m looking into though, and I do have another year before I’ll need to start the application process so I have plenty of time to do my research.

I also write down a lot of the information about the schools I look at such as the location, total enrollment number, tuition cost, acceptance rate, and setting. But the truth is, I don’t even know what it really means to go to a school with 6,000 people compared to a school with 30,000 people or a college in a suburban setting versus one in an urban setting. I’ve lived in Kentucky my whole life and we’ve only ever vacationed to Florida in the summer, so I also don’t know what it’s like in an area with a climate like California’s or New York’s. Obviously, I’ll be doing some traveling this upcoming year and hopefully find somewhere I really like/really feel I’ll fit well into. Obviously, my style and how I dress is very important to me, and that is something I’ll have to consider when choosing where to live due to weather and temperature. So, with that train of thought, I have collected a few photos of college style or how I imagine myself in college. (And I imagine myself in college a lot; daydreams about walking around campus and studying peacefully in the library and whatnot. Is college actually that simple and glamorous? No, but I can still hope!)

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June 29th, 2013 – Wearable Runway

Over-the-top runway is completely fun to look at; some of my favorite collections to look through are the ones that are loud and dynamic and busy. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy Meadham Kirchoff’s Spring 2013 RTW collection?! Whenever it was first posted to style.com, I would look through it multiple times a week. Those are the kinds of clothes that put a smile on my face and just make me feel happy. But, with that being said, I would personally never wear something that is to that degree of extravagance. (Not that I would ever be able to afford it anyway.)

However, there are multiple designers that make clothing that I would love to don. Of course, you have the classics – Chanel, Prada, Gucci, etc. – that will be fabulous pretty much no matter what. (P.s. Have you seen Gucci’s 2014 Resort collection yet? The materials are amazing, totally drool worthy.) Over the past couple of years, I have developed a list of my own few favorite designers when looking for tasteful and wearable. I was at first planning on focusing on the Spring 2013 RTW collections, since those would better relate to what the weather is currently. But I just couldn’t take my eyes off of the Resort 2014 collections! Before I get to the real point, I will go ahead and say that yes, I am only 16 and many of these are too mature for me at my age. But that does not mean that I can’t appreciate and enjoy them still, right? Cool.

*click designer name to go to full collection*

alc banner

 A.L.C. has been a favorite of mine since I was first interested in fashion. I think there is something very special about their clean lines and simplicity with the clothing, and I really enjoy the fact that the female body is able to speak for itself while the clothing only further proves the beauty of the human body. Everything is quite simple, but that’s what makes it so wearable!

nanette lepore banner Uh, guys… Do you see that last dress? Do you see it? Quite possibly my favorite ever. It’s so obvious that Nanette Lepore is another that definitely understand the female figure and how to perfectly compliment it. I so enjoy the colors and prints in this collection too. I mean, come on, the jumpsuit! It’s stunning. I highly recommend checking out everything Nanette Lepore has designed; trust me when I say that this isn’t just a lucky collection.

alice and olivia banner Alice & Olivia is definitely the most “my style” and is also meant to be very wearable. I love how feminine Stacey Bendet makes her clothing. It’s the perfect combination of being cute with being a strong woman. By the way, if you couldn’t already tell I am in love with two piece short suits. The one in this collection seems perfect for me; the quiet navy blue and subtle pattern make being matchy-matchy tasteful instead of too gaudy or tacky.

There you have it! My go-to designers when I’m feeling rebellious and think I want to splurge. Just for the record though, I never ever ever convince myself to buy anything..which is probably a good thing. In other news, I’m planning on doing a life post soon. I really like the thought of documenting events and my own thoughts and doings so that I can look back later and look at the progress in my life.

I am so appreciative of anyone that takes any interest in my writings on this blog, so thank you. I hope you are doing very well!

June 26th, 2013 – Old Sport

I know, I know. I’m talking about Gatsby again. The book introduced me to a new facet of myself, especially style-wise. So prim and proper classy, a certain subdued sexiness and mystery, a sense of confidence and self respect as a lady. A lady that knows when to keep her lips sealed and has the ability to keep her emotions balanced when it is needed. She can have a sharp tongue in a clever sort of way (although, Daisy does say the best thing a girl can be is a beautiful little fool). Okay, moving on to the actual point of this post which is renewed retro glamour. It seems that since the new film of Gatsby has been released, people are once again falling in love with the idea of the 20’s, and I will admit that I am one of them.

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I’ll leave you with this (you’re welcome):