My Life in Photos (not really): InstaUpdate #2








Polyvore Board: HBIC


River Island boyfriend jeans
$67 –

Vintage jewelry

Gold necklace

Cat eye glasses

Calla: Spring 2014 RTW

Although anything couture is, in my opinion, more fun to look at, ready-to-wear collections are obviously easier to fantasize about wearing. I haven’t ever taken an interest in Calla before, but I found their Instagram account about 6 months ago, and I’ll admit my follow was mostly just for the pictures of Lilybear (the Dog). However, I’ve found that the clothing they post usually have fun prints with colors and lines that are visually pleasing. So when I was browsing around recently, Calla was one of the designers I seemed to gravitate to.

These are some of my favorite looks from Calla’s Spring 2014 RTW collection.

When I see the prints I instantly think Calla. This may be one designer to add to the list of wearable runway. I really like the shapes of the clothing and how the cut of each item fits the women’s bodies. The top left photo was the closing look, which I think was an excellent decision. The contrast of the pattern and colors with the model’s skin is aesthetically pleasing. The top photo, second from the left is also a unique look. Although the outfit isn’t something I would choose to wear.. Are those shorts? It’s difficult to tell from the photo. However, I give Calla props if she can reinvent the skort. The top far right look, although nice and simple, is a little disappointing. It looks a little too Urban Outfitters, and not in a good way.
My least favorite look:

And my favorite look (that I may be a little biased towards because of the swimsuit and the fact that it’s Summer at the moment):


Overall, I enjoyed this collection. The prints and colors are refreshing, and embody what I think of when I see “Spring RTW”.

August 1st, 2013 – Monochrome Style

Hi, hi! I was looking through some of my own fashion videos that I used to put together just for fun and stumbled across this one! Although the quality is bad and some of the shots are really lame, I thought I would upload it to YouTube and post it here for fun and for some public reminiscing. I actually made a YouTube channel to correspond with this blog, so if you have any interest you can go to the channel here and subscribe.  Now, on with the video!


Outfit Information:

“Weeping Chanel” shirt from 2020 Ave. (no longer available)

Velvet Leggings from Kmart

Mia Bedazzle Flats from DSW


The song playing is Creator by Santogold. I definitely recommend checking it out along with her other music! I went through an obsessive phase of Santogold, I must admit!

In other (exciting) news, H&M now has an online shop! I’ve already done a little back to school shopping from Go Jane, which I again highly recommend, and am planning on doing a little styling video of the pieces I ordered. I have about two weeks of summer left and I am definitely planning on getting a little more back to school online shopping done next week, which is just one more reason as to why I’m stoked about the opening of the H&M shop!

Anyway, I hope this post was somewhat enjoyable or something and that all is safe and well with you. Lastly, Happy August! I am welcoming this month with open arms.


July 30th, 2013 – Baby Insta

Hi, hi!

I thought I could start a little random segment called Baby Insta, which shows my Instagram’s life. This will just include what I’ve posted on the app since the last time I showed it here. Unfortunately, at this time I cannot post videos to this blog, so if there are ever any of those, I will just insert their links when I list them. I very seldom record anything though, so for the most part it will only be my (slightly boring) photos! My very first photo was of my driving permit, which I will not include in this due to the fact that it has quite a few tidbits of personal info on it. My second was a photo of me that can be found by going to my very first introductory post. Now that we have gotten those out of the way!

Since I hardly ever post on Instagram anyway, I thought that I would just post each photo individually rather than making a collage or photo board.


Pink bow flats from

Pink bow flats from


Snapshot of myself on the beach during vacation. Can be seen in this post as well, without the background.

Snapshot of myself on the beach during vacation. Can be seen in this post as well, without the background.


The shameless selfie. Okay, maybe a little shame.

The shameless selfie. Okay, maybe a little shame.


Tada, my life in photos. Except not really at all.

I hope you’re all well!

July 21st, 2013 – Like Billy Madison

“Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool.”

Okay, guys. It seriously pains me to say this, but just like every other year summer will soon be ending and a new school year beginning. Yes, it’s a bummer, but it’s something all of us students have to accept! So why not go back feeling and looking fresh to death? (Wait.. You mean I’m actually not Lupe Fiasco? Okay, fine..) Anyway, I put together a little board of some of my fave backpacks that I’ve seen so far. (You can also check out this rad slide show from Teen Vogue!)

backpacks 2013

1. The Fates By Stolen Girlfriends Club Waves Backpack at Urban Outfitters, $155.00 – Personally, I find this one a little too pricey. However, I do really like the colors and unique design, and if you have the money, go for it! (p.s. on the UO website this is described as “an extra fab school bag”. Nice.)

2. BDG Lightweight Nylon Convertible Backpack at Urban Outfitters, $34.00 – I think this one is quite cute; I love the sweet color and pattern! I also have a backpack from BDG and can say that they are quite nice quality as well!

3. Studded Faux Leather Backpack at Go Jane, $50.60 – I love this! It reminds me of the one I currently use, and the fact that it is black and a leather-like material makes it easy to keep clean! (p.s. I got my back pack from UO last year, and unfortunately they don’t carry it anymore!)

4. Spacer Mini Backpack at Nasty Gal, $140.00 – Again, I personally would not spend that much on a bag. However, it’s nice to drool over! I love this funky little bag! Yes, little. The fact that it’s titled as a “mini” bag would concern me if I were to buy this for school. However, it’s still a cool option, and would be perfect used as more of a purse while out and about on foot or at a music festival!

5. Deena & Ozzy Vegan Leather Studded Square Backpack at Urban Outfitters, $39.00 – This is such a cute one; the color is the perfect shade and the studding detail really brings the backpack to a new level. I don’t know how to explain the way the material looks, but I think it would unfortunately stain easily! But that’s only a concern if you’re messy – like me! (p.s. this one is only described as “a fab school bag”. Ouch, UO!)

6. Watermelon Backpack at Nasty Gal, $60.00 – Sooooo cute! This is the perfect bag to subtly show that you’re still holding onto the summertime! It’s also perfect if you want to match with Ariana Grande (and I mean, who doesn’t want to match with Ariana Grande?). I love this backpack, and the price is almost unbeatable!

Learn in style, kids! Because you aren’t too cool for school. 😉


July 18th, 2013 – Guess Who’s Back (it’s not slim shady)

Hi hi! The last time I posted was the 3rd, which was 15 days ago. I’m sorry! I have recently been on vacation to Florida to visit family and spend some days on the beach. My dad’s family is in FL, so I’m definitely use to visiting at least once a year when we drive down. Although I do enjoy the fact that the 12 hour drive forces us to have some family time, I can’t say that I necessarily enjoy it. However, I did have a beautiful time and am now happy to say I am back home.

The beach that my family goes to isn’t the most fabulous, but that also means it is practically vacant and it’s a very special feeling to have an empty beach with only the seagulls and waves to keep you company. This year there was a large family staying at the same hotel and stayed on the beach with us, but I honestly didn’t mind. They seemed they were having fun and it’s always nice to be around people who are happy anyway. They also made for good entertainment with their football games and skim boarding. Anyway, I did get an instagram video of the ocean, which you can view by clicking here if you’re interested.

My original plan was to post a short message to you saying I would be away, but unfortunately and very inconveniently, my Internet connection went out 3 days before we left! I live (almost) in the middle of nowhere, so there aren’t many Internet providers that reach to our area. I had also planned on snapping a few outfit photos while I was gone, but that didn’t happen either! We didn’t go out as much as I thought we would, so most of the time I was in a bathing suit or cotton shorts and a tee shirt, neither of which are really blog worthy.

My mom and I did go to a shopping center one day though, and I only bought a couple things from Tilly’s. Tilly’s is a surf/skate shop sort of place, but also has pieces that are more sweet and feminine as well. Everything is super affordable, and the staff always seems especially nice. I bought one tank (which you can buy online here) and a headband that I can’t find on the website, but I’m sure will be featured in an outfit post.

My mom has recently been into documentation, especially in the form of photographs. Most of the time, it doesn’t really bother me, but I like to act like it does (I’M A T33N@G3R, OK). Somehow, between me yelling at her to stop taking photos of me, she captured this, which I actually really enjoy and am glad she managed to snap it.


photo (53)

With the summer soon coming to an end (my school’s start date is August 14th), I am planning on spending the rest of my time as a stress-free child lounging around and catching up on back to school shopping, keeping up with this baby blog, and whatever else my heart desires (to a very small extent..). I’m planning on browsing through some online shops today, so I expect I’ll have a wishlist posted later today or tomorrow.

I hope you’re all well and living a rich life!